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Meet  Nina!
(Loved And Owned By The Johnsons)
To Cutie Shih Tzu Puppies We Want To Say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You You Do Not Have An Idea Of How Much Love And A Blessing Nina Has Been To Our Family. Every Saturday The Neighborhood Comes Out To Watch Us Take A Walk With Our Baby. She Is Such A Darling. I Would Always Get My Babies From You. See You Soon. We Love You.Thanks 
The Johnsons

Harlem Is A Great Addition To Our Family. Christmas Wouldn't Have Been More Spicy Without You! He Is So Loved And I Thank You For Uniting Us. At First, I Thought This Could Be A Scam And Just Decided To Try It Though, I've Been Scammed Before But I Knew I Would Stop Crying When I Find The Right Place To Buy, I'll Recommend Others To You. Needless To Say Harlem Is A Perfect Fit. God Bless You, You've Put A Smile On My Face :)

- LaToya (Boston Massachusetts)

Ella Is Perfect In Every Way! A Sweet Temperament And Very Intelligent! Easy To Housetrain And Socialize. Thank You Cutie Shih Tzu Your Babies Are Really Cute.
Mary Thomas

El Paso, Texas

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Hi Cutie Shih Tzu,
I Hope You Are Keeping Well.
We Purchased Lilly From You Back In  September And Wanted To Share Our Joy And Gratitude With You.‎ She Is Just Over Five Months Old Now And Is So Popular In Our Neighborhood That I Am Sure The Other Dogs Are Jealous! LOL.
We Love Her To Bits And She Just Has The Most Loving And Amazing Personality!  Thanks So Much!
Enjoy Her Recent Photos.
Cindy, Kamal And Maxwell  (Manhattan, New York)

 She Is A Shih Tzu And She Is Spectacular. Highly Intelligent Devoted Gentle And Sweet. We Love Her To Death. You Did A Wonderful Job Breeding Her Because She Is Honest And Understands What A Good Dog Is And Should Do. I Would Recommend Anyone In Need Of A Good Shih Tzu To Contact You. Thank You Very Much For Such A Wonderful Gift. And We Named Her Cody !!! I Will Mail U Pics. She Is Breathtakingly Gorgeous . Don't Worry Already Have A Chip In Her. But She Is A Mamas Girl And Never Leaves My Side. . But She Is Going To Be Huge!!! Thank You

- Nancy Hughes       (Miami Florida)
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My Boy "Tonic" Has Been The Joy In Our Life, He Was Born May. 20, 2016. I Could Not Ask For A More Lovable Personality He Enjoys All Humans And Is Intuitive At Knowing How To Be Gentle With Babies And The Elderly. He Is Equally Intuitive With Dogs Large Or Small, Young Or Old. He Is A Big Boy, Tipping The Scale At 14 Pounds...and It's All Love And Licks.
Blair Mastervick
Billings Montana